Dirt dirt dirt everywhere! Welcome to Babes in the Dirt! Let’s make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the weekend! We have put together an awesome list of things we suggest to bring with you and what to expect. Take a scroll and get ready to load up & go!

Alright! Now to the "what the hell do I bring" portion. By no means is this list the all mighty everything under the sun kind of list but rather necessities we think are important. As always, if you have special needs, pack what YOU need to stay comfortable.

There are no individual fire pits for grilling and coals are prohibited due to fire protocols. Small camp stoves and propane fire pits are ok (Jetboil makes a great mini camp stove if ya need one!). One of our favorite food trucks will be on site. Click HERE to view the menu!


  • Tent (there are no trees for hammocks). Hot Tip: Pre-check your tent to ensure all parts are there. Nothing is worse than missing stakes, rods, or tent tops. IT GETS VERY VERY WINDY OUT THERE SO PLEASE BRING STAKES FOR YOUR TENT
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Sleeping Bag Hot Tip (check weather to see temps to see if you'll need additional blankets). The weather is very unpredictable up there.
  • Headlamp
  • Ear plugs and face mask. It gets really windy out there and a blowing tent can keep you up all night!
  • Water bottle and a gallon of water per person per day! There is NO drinkable water on site
  • Cooler full of snacks and adult beverages
  • Wet wipes / face wipes
  • Sunscreen! The weather is looking bright and cloudless!
  • Basic toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, face lotion etc)
  • Portable phone charger
  • Hand sanitizer
  • EXTRA toilet paper. It's for your own good.
  • Your favorite pair of sweatpants to chill in
  • Camp chair
  • Trash bags. You are responsible for your garbage | leave no trace
  • Pillow (camp size)
  • Extra fuel for your moto
  • Clothes for warm days and cold nights (we will have Babes in the Dirt hoodies and windbreakers for sale!)
  • Your motocross gear if you have it
  • $$ always have cash on you no matter what. Where we are set up has 0 wifi so no credit cards can be used.
  • $$ cash for merch (just wait until you see the Babes in the Dirt exclusive merch!)
  • $$ cash for food truck for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Credit Cards (doing our best to get wifi)
  • Camera or GoPro
Positive mental attitude. Be nice, say hello to your neighbor, and remember, ladies are here because the love to ride dirt or are interested in it.

HOT TIP: Before you start packing up, have your dirt bike serviced and ensure it has a spark arrestor BEFORE you come to the event. Tickets can cost up to $800 in fines as the state park takes fire prevention in California very seriously. As always, it is no one's responsibility but yours to fix ya hooptie so take it in and be confident that your bike will be a runner.