Things to Do for New Riders at Babes in the Dirt 8

We know riding dirt can be a bit intimidating to those who are looking to get into the sport so we created what a perfect day would be for someone newer who is coming to Babes in the Dirt 8. Grab your coffee, sit back, and let's dig in! 


A couple of days before event: Check weather and pack up your camping kit and warm layers. Quail Canyon is known for being a bit unpredictable weather wise. We have seem hurricane winds, hail, and beautiful sunny skies around 70. Here are some things I can't live without:

  • 2 person tent with stakes (triple check all the pieces are there)
  • 30 degree sleeping bag 
  • Sleeping pad
  • headlamp
  • LED tent lights 
  • Appropriate clothing: warm layers, puffy jacket, wool socks, hat, beanie
  • Toiletries: wipes! face and body :) tooth brush / paste / sunscreen / hair brush / makeup / moisturizer & Vaseline Chapstick cause the wind and dryness will destroy your skin / lips 
  • Extra TP. I always carry my own personal roll just in case
  • Enough underwear and sports bras
  • 2.5 gallons of drinking water
  • Snacks (always) / but our food truck is EPIC!
  • Folding camp chair

If you have off-road gear, BRING IT! But if you don't, no stress! 


Alright! Now it's game time and it's time to head to Babes in the Dirt. Gates open at 11AM so I'd arrive by 12PM to get queued up and into the event space. 

Once on site and set up, check out the brand activation booths by our partners and check out what demos they are doing. You'll have a pretty good idea with the schedule of events being released 2 weeks prior to event but walk around and get the lay of the land. 

Next, LET'S RIDE!!!!! We highly recommend taking one of the Garrahan classes . There is a first timer from 2-5PM that day with bike and gear included but you must be signed up, tap  HERE  to do so.

After, relax and grab a drink and dinner from the foot truck. We will be hosting a happy hour that evening and of course, karaoke kicks off that night as well! It's a great way to meet other riders and mingle with your new BFFS

Next day? Head over to the Husqvarna booth as soon as they open to sign up for the New to Moto class with their USMCA coaches. They are FREE but do not come with gear so you'll want to pop over to the Fox and Bell booth to get dialed in prior to the class. These spaces are super limited so make it a priority to get after it and over to their booth to get in on the action. 

After, we highly recommend taking another Garrahan class OR having a rental on hand. Now, rentals can be a bit tricky. There are a few ideas on our ticket pages FAQ but just know rentals are 3rd party companies as we have 0 access to any special treatment or contacts for them other than what's listed on their own pages. There is Gorman Motorsports and some others if you give it a google. 

If you do go with a rental, there is TONS of riding you can do to hone in your skills on site with the GP track and the trails within our designated zone. You can choose to head out on the trail system that extends for hundreds of mile beyond but make sure to pay attention to the trail markers and grab a map and a buddy for safety reasons. My first 2-3 years at Babes in the Dirt were spent on the GP track and those trails inside the event space as each lap = building skills so don't be bummed or think that's "baby stuff" because we promise its not :)

By this time, if you are a bit new to riding, you will be exhausted! Riding dirt is so much different than street in so many ways so when you start feeling your body shut down / start showing a bit of fatigue, call it! Camp will have demos and entertainment that evening with plenty to do so take a rest, clean up, and get ready for the evening's fun and games! 

If you are nervous, un sure, or just flat out concerned in general, don't be! We will be hosting a new rider meet and greet Friday afternoon just for new riders, people coming solo, and will be there to support you the entire way, Stay tuned for all the scheduling and know that every single person you see on 2 wheels started somewhere. Can't wait to welcome you and if you have any questions, we are HERE for it! Email 


You ARE a dirtbiker!!!! Hoping that this experience opened a new world for you as a rider and that you've made some friends over the weekend. If you want to continue your learning and build even more confidence, we are here to help! There are so many training camps and retreats you can do ranging from day to overnights. Simply email us and we can get you in contact with some of our favorite trainers. You can also join the Babes in the Dirt facebook pages to keep up with others and post open invites to ride.