Introducing the First Adventure of our 2024 Adventure Series - Level Up x St. George Utah with Roadhouse Feb 8th -11th 2024

I got a call from my friend Jake early Jan with an invite to meet him and his crew in St George Utah to ride dirt bikes. I immediately wanted to say no. It was going to be much harder terrain and Jake and his friends rip so I knew I'd have a hard time out there keeping up and not being an anchor. That's when it hit me, I was building up a wall between myself and something I really wanted to do with self doubt and this weird inferiority complex. Jake and his friends have always been the kindest and most encouraging people I have met and this was 100% self inflicted with 0 reasons behind it, but there is was racing through my mind. Once I realized I was my biggest obstacle (3 min into the conversation) I said "hell yeah, send the GPS and I'll be there" even though I was still a bit scared. A few weeks later I showed up in St George Utah with my dirt bike primed in the back the truck ready to hit some chill trails and sightsee. Jake had other plans. 

Daylight was on our side so we unloaded and hit the trails upon arrival. It was wide open, scenic, and overall stunning. The riding got progressively more challenging with steeper down & up hills and trails you couldn't see a foot down due to the steepness, you just had to "trust it" (are you kiiddddddinnnngg meee!!!). I had some thrills and spills that day but Jake coached me through it all and thought I could try the more advanced stuff the next day, but this time, on his extra Husqvarna TE 250 he just "brought for fun".

I had 0 experience on a 2 stroke.  After a about 30 min warming up to the 250, we were off, now as a group of 5 as Jake's pals had joined. I am here to say I have never ridden stuff harder than what I experienced that day and the 250 was clutch in being nimble, fast, and capable on this style of terrain. Spines, steep downhills, switchbacks, it took it all and ripped into that red dirt like no other while I did my best to keep on the pegs. There were moments I had to take a break to allow the adrenaline to ease a bit and there were times I'd be on the top of a ledge going from "HELL NO" to "OMGGGG I did it". That's where it clicked, that instant you go from fear to trusting yourself is where you truly LEVEL UP and take your riding to the next level and why we are kicking off our #1 Adventure Series with our good friend Jake Hobbs from Roadhouse Feb 8th -11th 2024 in St George Utah. Our goal is for you to have that exact same feeling while unlocking the next chapter and being supported the entire time. Riding things that push, challenge, and thrill you force you to conquer those fears and give you that main character energy that will effect you even after the weekend is over. If you are looking for something like this, we are so ready to host you! 

What is it? Level Up Utah is a 3 night / 2 full riding day all inclusive experience with a camp chef, space for your RV/ trailer (bed, shower, heat), trail lead / follow and coaching if/where you need it most in an environment 100% dedicated to showing you what you are capable of. You'll get to experience the best riding in St. George Utah with highly a capable team, Roadhouse, who are there to help you unlock "Level Up" within you. Lattes? YES! Extra oat milk foam? Of course! This is designed to be a next level style experience off the bike as well :) 

How much & how many spots? 

The event is WED- SUN for 15 people max. Check in is 3PM WED, check out 12PM Sunday. 

The Event:

$1800: Includes 2 full days of riding, trail guides, trail sweeps, photos of you ripping, meals, snacks, light coaching, giftbag, and more! The below are add ons if you need to rent a bike or rather have a warm bed with shower / toilet waiting for you: 

Optional Add Ons: 

+ $500 for event + if you'd like your own bed in a pre delivered & set up trailer with toilet, shower, heat, generator, kitchen space shared with 2-3 other riders

+ $600 a top of the line Roadhouse 2 stroke with all the "good stuff" on it for 2 full days of riding. 

What type of bike? 2 Stroke only! Need to rent? We can have a custom one on hand for you from Roadhouse. Their rates are $300 per day for a tricked out Husqvarna TE 250 or Gas Gas (literally the most rad looking and performing 2 strokes out there). These bikes are pristinely maintained and built for this kind of riding. 

Can I bring my own rig? Can I camp in a tent? If you have an enclosed trailer / van with toilet then yes! But no tent camping on ground or sleeping in the bed of a truck style tent camping allowed. You'd need to pack out all of your own trash and waste.

Note: If you want to fly in, America, United, and Delta fly into the regional airport right down the road at SGU Regional.

What level do I need to be? Intermediate, strong intermediate, and advanced will have a blast! The trail selections are made up of steep down, steep up hills, heights, and sheer exposure. Experience is needed with clutch and back brake control, physical fitness is a must, and a positive mental attitude is key! You'll need to be able to pick up your own bike and have the capacity to speak up if you need help. The guides are there to support and coach you ONLY if you ask for it to ensure no one misses any learning opportunities (it's what it's all about).

How do I sign up? We are working on a few more details but if you want on the waitlist, you can email 

I want to know more! No problem! We will be featuring Roadhouse on the blog soon + Jake and Roadhouse will be at Babes in the Dirt 8 to personally show you the bikes and chat through the terrain & experience out there for Level Up Utah! 

Photos by Jordan Pay 

Photos are: (1) Husqvarna TE 250  / Gas Gas that you can rent &  have on site waiting for you (2) Trusting there is a bottom to this decent (3) Fast and flowy terrain in between drops and spines - St. George Utah