Introducing Babes in the Snow Spring of 2024 - An All Inclusive Snowbike Adventure with Snowbike Nation x Kalispell Montana

We are thrilled to partner with Snowbike Nation of Kalispell, MT to bring you an all inclusive adventure like no other in the heart of Glacier MT. This adventure has it all (and includes it all) as bike, guides, all gear (from top to bottom), lodging, avalanche safety gear, transport, food, etc. are ALL included for the 8 person tour Feb 28th - March 3rd  2024. All you need to do is book your flight and show up with long johns for this epic adventure! For now, save the date, sign up for the SMS so you don't miss the ticket window, and feel free to email if you want on the waitlist as she will be your co host for this new addition to our adventure series! 

Basic FAQ 

Is experience on a snowbike necessary? - No, as long as you have some capabilities on a dirtbike you will have a ton of fun! If you have experience snowboarding / skiing you'll do even better! 

How many days do we ride? 3 days back to back! Day 1 you'll get your "snow legs" and by day 2 -3, you'll be adjusted enough to really dig in! 

Is it like dirtbiking? - sit a lot when riding snow and you are always on the throttle. You also have to carve a lot in the snow and can't go straight up / down, rather zig zag like you are snowboarding to get up and down hills. 

I hate being cold, is this miserable? - NO! The provided gear is incredible + the bikes have heated grips (I know...). 

I don't have the gear! What is needed? Snowbike Nation has it ALL! You just need your base layers and a "hell yeah" attitude.

How do I get on list for contacting about this tour? Email More info to come this summer! 

Loose Schedule:

  • Feb 28th Arrive in Kalispell Montana & stay @ local hotel 
  • Feb 29th Get picked up early & go to cabin for avalanche training and then to trail head for ride day #1 
  • March 1st Ride day 2
  • March 2nd Ride Day 3 and back to hotel that evening 
  • March 3rd fly home 


Photo by Travis Kauffman