Announcing an Adventure of a Lifetime - Babes in the Dirt x Iceland 2024

We are beyond excited to announce Babes in the Dirt Iceland Aug 13th -24th 2024 with the release of our 2022 story in Upshift Online with Ride with Locals Iceland! If you ever dreamed of traveling abroad and having life changing moments on a dirt bike in the process, check out the article by tapping HERE . And once you are done reading, maybe you'll want to join us for the ultimate Icelandic adventure...

Babes in the Dirt x Iceland 2024- We've curated an entire 13 day Icelandic experience for 10 riders and we can't wait to share the details but here is a rough look at what's been put together for this all inclusive adventure of a lifetime...


  • Aug 13th Link up on a flight in the US and fly together to Reykjavik 
  • Aug 14th Land in Iceland in the AM + dump bags at hotel & spend day fighting jet lag - city hanging 
  • Aug 15th explore the Golden Circle countryside in a 15 passenger sprinter driven by Ashmore (beep beep baby!) 
  • Aug 16th Day 2 of exploring the Golden Circle countryside in a 15 passenger sprinter driven by Ashmore (I'll ensure the playlist is SOLID!)
  • Aug 17th - Ride day 1
  • Aug 18th - Ride day 2
  • Aug 19th - Ride day 3
  • Aug 20th - Ride day 4
  • Aug 21st - Ride day 5
  • Aug 22nd - Ride day 6 & arrive back at hotel in Reykjavik at night 
  • Aug 23rd - Blue Lagoon spa experience - best post ride recovery
  • Aug 24th - Depart 


What will be Included: 

  • Transport from airport to hotel
  • Hotel prior to getting on bikes (2 person per room / each has own bed)
  • Breakfast on both mornings prior to bike experience at hotel (it's super good even has a vegan section) 
  • Transport & touring Aug 15th - 16th to traverse Iceland in a sick sprinter van prior to moto experience
  • Pick up at any hotel in Reykjavík by RWL and drive back after the last riding day
  • 3 nights in mountain huts with sleeping bag accommodation and mattresses.
  • 2 nights in a hotel during ride
  • 5 breakfasts during ride
  • 6 lunches and 3 dinners and all food while we are riding
  • Snacks, coffee, and water for 6 days while riding 
  • Motorcycle (KTM 450)(Husky 450) for 6 days
  • Backup motorcycle when needed 
  • Fuel for motorcycle
  • Support vehicle with a driver and full support that carries all your gear (YEW!) 
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • The included insurance is basic liability insurance and covers damages to other vehicles in the case of collision and medical insurance for the rider and any others involved in an accident. CDW insurance (coverage of the cost of making necessary repairs to the bike) is extra and an additional 160 Euros per person, per tour. Riders understand that if the CDW insurance is not purchased, they are liable for all damages to the motorcycle. Damage caused willfully or due to reckless behavior is not covered by any insurance.
  • Hotel after riding experience ends (2 person per room / each has own bed)
  • Breakfast on both days after at hotel 
  • Transportation to / from Blue Lagoon
  • Premium tickets to the Blue Lagoon 
  • Transportation back to airport 

What's Not Included:

  • Flight
  • Lunches / dinner before/after we link up with Ride With Locals 
  • Riding gear
  • Trip insurance (you must purchase to come)
  • Trip changes or less / extra days 

Things to Consider: 

Going to Iceland is incredibly expensive as every single thing has to be imported and the country relies on tourism. When we did the 3/4 day tour in 2022, I spent (flights / food / hotel / 3 day riding experience) about $13,500. We are trying to make trip under 10K per person but with DOUBLE the riding & more days / experiences in Iceland. This is a highly curated adventure so we aren't staying in crappy hostels and and everything is planned & handled for you. Good news! We will able to offer payment options to break up the costs. 

This is a very long trip with a small group. If you are the type that needs to control a situation, can't laugh when things suck, not physically or mentally able to handle a jarring 6 straight days of rough riding, being on a bike that is a bit too big for them, being soaked & freezing then you might have a very hard time on this style of trip. We are all in this together and must share small spaces during this adventure so everyone needs to be next level kind, courteous, and mentally/physically able to handle it.

Riding experience & fitness is needed. From experience, I'd say you need to be at least a strong intermediate rider to take on the challenge. If you aren't in the best of shape, make that a priority too as this will kick your ass if not <3 

Your passport must be valid and not expiring in 2024 or 2025. People have been denied flying international at airport gates if a passport expires within 6 months of departure. 

Travel insurance is mandatory & we will send over who we personally use for our own travel to each person who books this adventure with us. We are personally responsible for each spot and only those financially and ethically responsible & committed should do so. If for any reason, you book this trip with us and can't make it for any reason, you are still 100% responsible for the financial cost and loss unless you can find someone to take your spot. 

A way more extensive schedule per day & what sites you'll see will come a bit later but if you want to get on the waitlist & be the first to know when this adventure goes live, email