Babes in the Dirt 8 - Lay Out and Riding Zones for All Skill Sets

READY FOR THIS WEEKEND!? So are we! In efforts to prepare you for the best weekend of your life, we have put together some maps, suggestions for riding, and more. Let's dive in!

Zoom in / zoom out to see where everything is located during the weekend. As you can see, the main zone will be poppin' with a ton of activities so make sure to check the Official Schedule of Events for Babes in the Dirt 8 to stay in the know by tapping HERE

How is the event is set up:

Where to ride if I am newer?

Soooo where should beginners ride while at Babes in the Dirt 8? We highly suggest staying in these green zones. The moto track has been re worked for new riders with 0 jumps unless you know how to, everything is rollable so do not be shy on getting out there and giving it a shot. The GP track is phenomenal, like WOW! We could spend 7 days just ripping it and getting practice in. It's super flowy and 1 way. There is also miles of trails (also 1 way) that go around camp. You'll always see camp from these and its impossible to get lost. Between those 3 options, you'll have the  best time if you are newer, novice, beginner... you know, getting your dirt legs dialed. 


Where to ride if you are intermediate or totally shred: 

Anywhere and everywhere! Don't worry sister! SEND IT on S. Pronghorn if you want to get spicy and everywhere else! To see a map of the entire park and how to access different things through the trail system, tap HERE. We will also have maps on hand + you can ask the rangers at the riders meeting EVERYTHING as that is why they are there.They can let you know what's closed, where to ride based on ___insert anything__, as the park is always changing or being worked on. 

Just a few friendly reminders:

  • Always ride with a buddy
  • Learn the hand signs before you hit the trail 
  • Ride your own ride. Do not try and keep up with anyone as the person in front of you should post their turns ALWAYS
  • Keep a map with you at all times
  • Pack enough water
  • You are 100% responsible for yourself out there, so make good decisions babes!
  • Ask for help if you need it, seriously, we and all the staff are here for you 
  • Meet your neighbor!
  • Security is 24/7 : if you need help or have a loud neighbor, the security kiosk is at the registration booth 
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!