ATWYLD Overland Experience at Babes in the Dirt 8

Ignite your independent and adventurous spirit! We are so thrilled to introduce a new experience at Babes in the Dirt, Overlanding! The three founders of Atwyld  are not only on road and off road riders, but have each build out their own custom Overland adventure mobiles with bike haulers etc to their own specific needs. We cannot wait for you to check out their rigs, ask questions, and see that YOU can build these out too!

Meet and greet times at Babes in the Dirt are: Friday 4pm-6pm & Saturday 4pm-6pm. Come get inspired! 


Corinne Mayer - Toyota Tundra 

Anya Violet - Nissan Recon 

Jaime Dempsey - Toyota Tacoma