Adventure Bike Training + Dual Sport Specific Training w/ Motoventures Coming to Babes in the Dirt 8

We are so excited to announce Motoventures is coming to Babes in the Dirt to offer adventure bike + dual sport specific training at Babes in the Dirt 8! Sessions will be very hands on, small, and in a safe environment. Price per 2 hour session is $150 and you will need to have your own street legal dual-sport or adventure bike to participate. 

This training is specifically designed to take your existing riding skills to the next level. If you can ride a motorcycle now you qualify for to take this lesson. 

With Motoventure expert coaching you will learn and memorize your skills with exercises like pro-active body positioning, advanced turning and braking techniques, soft sand, and how to ride over obstacles. You will learn the mental and visual habits needed as well. It's all about technical skills for improved performance for the dirt side +, improve overall motorcycle handling skills and boost your confidence for riding on street. 


  • 12PM - 2PM
  • 3PM-5PM


  • 8:30AM-10:30AM
  • 11AM-1PM
  • 2PM-4PM

Want to pre book to ensure you get a spot? & learn more about the skills you will be taught? Call Andre @ 951-956-0976 to chat through it and pre-book! Or you can sign up on site IF spots are available. 

AND! We will have an optional adventure bike camping section for gals who want to be other gals who share the same love for ADV. Stay tuned!!!!